Case based discussion 4: Lung Malformation

13 Oct 2022 15:20 16:00
Function Room 5 and 6, Ground Mezzanine Floor

Advances in prenatal care allows diagnosis of congenital lung malformation (CLM).

Case Series
We describe 2 cases of CLM. Case 1, 8 months old Malay girl with antenatal diagnosis of CLM. She was admitted at birth for congenital pneumonia required supplemental oxygen. Subsequently she was well and thriving. Clinical examination revealed reduced breath sound over the left lower zone. Case 2, Malay boy born at term with antenatal scan at 19 weeks suspicious of right CLM. He developed respiratory distress at birth required intubation due to congenital pneumonia complicated with pulmonary haemorrhage. He required invasive ventilation support for 3 days and oxygen supplementation until 3 weeks of life. Clinical findings noted hyperinflated left lung with reduced breath sound over the right lung. CT scans were performed for both patients and confirmed the diagnosis of CLM.

Congenital lung malformation is an umbrella term to describe a wide range of disorders. The presentation varies with most remains asymptomatic at birth while some patients developed severe respiratory distress.

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