Allergy testing in asthma

14 Oct 2022 09:15 09:40


The diagnosis of allergy depends mainly on obtaining an accurate history from the patient. From there, the testing confirms the diagnosis and helps guide avoidance measures and medical therapy.

Allergy testing for asthma measures specific IgE sensitization to the inhaled allergens. This can be achieved through physical skin prick testing or through serology testing via blood draw. The pros and cons of each method will be highlighted.

Have you ever wondered why some patients report that their asthma gets worst during periods of heavy rain? What indoor allergens may be relevant to test for? Does outdoor pollen play a role in asthma?

Certain pollen allergies are also associated with food allergy, a condition called pollen food allergy syndrome. This talk will go over relevant aeroallergens in Malaysia and other triggers to consider when approaching allergic asthma