Challenges in Childhood and Adolescent TB during COVID-19 Pandemic

15 Oct 2022 08:00 08:40

Severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus- 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and M. tuberculosis together have killed approximately 5.7 million people worldwide over the past 2 years. The COVID-19 pandemic and the nonpharmaceutical interventions to mitigate COVID-19 transmission (including social distancing regulations, partial lockdowns and quarantines), have had devastating effects on tuberculosis (TB) care globally with repeated disruptions of routine services and reduced access to care. In addition, a history of TB or concurrent infection with TB has been associated with more severe disease and increased mortality of COVID-19. Similarly, COVID-19 might have an impact on the inception and progression of TB disease. Little is known about the pandemic’s impact on child and adolescent TB. In this plenary talk I will discuss the challenges for childhood and adolescent TB during the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can use the lessons learned from the COVID pandemic to our advantage to improve TB care going forward.

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