Bronchiectasis: New Perspectives from Bench to Bedside

16 Oct 2022 08:00 08:40

Current clinical practice guidelines for the management of adult bronchiectasis highlight the limited treatment options currently available for this devastating chronic disease where progressive, permanent, and irreversible dilatation of bronchi ensue resulting in recurrent infection and inflammation in patients from a variety of causes, if at all identifiable. The inherent disease heterogeneity, that has further precluded the success of clinical trials in bronchiectasis, means that a lack of licensed therapies currently exists in practice. This plenary will highlight the promising and rapid developments that have occurred in this field over the last decade including a revised approach to understanding its pathogenesis, emerging endophenotypes of disease (revealing treatable traits), the improved microbial understanding attained from technologies such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) and the potential targeting of inflammation to improve patient outcomes. We are entering an exciting era for bronchiectasis, an era where individualized endo-phenotyping and precision medicine may finally result in evidence-based treatments for individuals with this disease.