Mariko Koh Siyue Singapore General Hospital

I am currently a Senior Consultant in the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Singapore General Hospital (SGH). I established the multidisciplinary Singapore General Hospital Severe Asthma Clinic in 2011 and concurrently started the SGH Severe Asthma Phenotype Study (SGH-SAPS). I also lead a team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other allied health professionals in the SGH Airway Diseases Service, and we have >500 severe asthma patients, > 300 COPD and > 200 Bronchiectasis patients in the respective disease registries, generating real-world data to inform policy and clinical decisions. I am active in various Ministry of Health, Singapore Asthma committees and have local and overseas collaborators from various institutions and universities, have close to 100 publications and am Editorial board member of several journals (including Respirology and Annals Academy of Medicine, Singapore).

15 OCT 2022

Time Session
Company: GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Sdn Bhd
Pang Yong Kek Chairperson
  • The right patients at the right time - elevating care for SEA patients with biologics
Ballroom 1, Lower Ground Floor