Basic and translational respiratory science: highlights from the ERS Congress 2022

16 Oct 2022 07:20 07:40

The European Respiratory Society International Congress took place for the first time in a hybrid format, with more than 14000 participants attending in person in Barcelona (Spain) and more than 6500 participants attending virtually. This talk aims to highlight some of the sessions featured in the Congress programme, including a ‘Year in review – basic science’ session entitled ‘Preclinical discovery and testing of new approaches to lung repair’ that was available as pre congress content. 

This talk also summarizes two symposia entitled ‘Cell death modalities regulating the onset and progression of chronic lung diseases’ and ‘Dangers in the air we breathe’, a mini symposium entitled ‘Deconstructing the developing lung at the single cell level to determine phenotypes and cell-specific targets of bronchopulmonary dysplasia’, and one of the main Hot topics on the Congress ‘The human Lung cell atlas: a universal reference for all respiratory scientists’.