COPD in primary care

16 Oct 2022 09:40 10:10

COPD is a chronic airway disease that exert significant toll on individual patient and our healthcare system. Primary care doctors play a pivotal role in its detection, treatment and reducing its morbidity and mortality. Local and international guidelines have kept abreast with the latest knowledge and drug recommendations to enable us to treat COPD as best as we can. However adherence and usage of these information in primary care may be a challenge for various reasons. The recurring issues include under-diagnosis due to lack of suspicion and use of spirometry, inappropriate treatment choice, influence of medicinal cost, lack of holistic consultation approach which include cigarette cessation, treating cardiac and metabolic comorbidities, vaccinations, encouraging treatment adherence, and taking a long term view on COPD management cycles. Although the same message should be emphasized to all doctors treating COPD, primary care doctors face a greater task being the frontliner and regular contact person to diagnose COPD and manage it long-term.