Hideo Saka Matsunami General Hospital

Dr. Hideo Saka graduated from Nagoya University School of Medicine in 1980. After taking his residency in Aichi Cancer Center, and Nagoya First Red Cross Hospital, Dr. Saka engaged in academic clinical research works at Nagoya University Hospital. As chair of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at National Nagoya Hospital since 1998, Dr. Saka's focus is on clinical research on pulmonary intervention and cancer chemotherapy. Dr. Saka received the Ikeda award from Japanese Society for Respiratory Endoscopy (JSRE) in 2006, and has been elected as a non-voting president of the annual meeting of JSRE in 2016. He has served on the Board of Regents of WABIP, and played an important role in international education on Bronchology. His main targets are pulmonary intervention on the central airway diseases, and diagnostic approach to the peripheral lung lesions. Many publications prove his efforts and creativity in this field.