Thomas Gille Hôpital Avicenne

Early Career Members (ECMs) representative for ERS Assembly 1 (Respiratory clinical care and physiology): 2021-2024 + elected Vice-Chair of the ERS ECM Committee Translational research about interstitial lung diseases and biological properties of alveolar epithelial cells in normal and pathologic conditions (particularly hypoxia). Special interests: animal and cellular models (pulmonary fibrosis, intermittent and sustained hypoxia), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), sarcoidosis, electrolyte and fluid transport across alveolar epithelium, mesenchymal stem cells, pulmonary function test (particularly CO and NO diffusion), spirometry in primary care, cardiopulmonary exercise test, sleep apnea, dyspnea, post-COVID-19 assessment, pollution, respiratory involvement of autoimmune blistering diseases, simulation-based medical education.